A woman with an unnatural, alien beauty and mis-matched eyes.


Tall, slender, with an erect, graceful carriage, shoulder-length black hair, near-flawless pale skin, and mismatched eyes (one green, the other brown), Reine has been called “stunning,” “beautiful,” or “breath-taking” by any number of observers. The words of appreciation – indeed, any words at all – stop once Reine opens her mouth to sing. Her voice is the most obvious gift from her father, a Musetouched Aasimar, and has brought complete strangers to tears when she sings. But with all of that beauty, there is something just a little…off about her. Maybe it’s her height, perhaps it’s the look behind her eyes – or the mismatched color of those eyes – in any case, Reine is a likeable girl, and very beautiful, but somehow leaves people feeling just a little bit unsettled.



Eternal Lie karlprosek